Five Tips for Transforming a Venue into a Dream Wedding

Five Tips for Transforming a Venue into a Dream Wedding

Jul 17, 2013

There is something really spectacular about before and after transformation. Transforming a venue into a breathtaking wedding experience is truly an art form.  Here are the top five tips we found for doing so.

Light the Room According to Features – Lighting is an amazing tool. You can highlight your favorite parts of the venue while hiding the less-appealing features. For instance, if you love the Gothic columns throughout the room, placing a light at their bases will emphasize their details. Hate the floral rug? Project a pattern on the ceiling to draw eyes upward, or call guests’ attention to the dance floor by shining your monogram or motif onto it. You can also change the mood of the space with color washes. Intense ambers and reds let guests know it’s time to party, while cool blues and purples set a soothing, sophisticated vibe. Use lighting to enhance themed backdrops and scenic designs. Most venues don’t provide lighting, so you’ll need an outside lighting designer. It can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on how many effects you want but it will undoubtedly have the most transformative effect on your venue.

Opalescent Austrian Puff (ED1728) masks a wall

Set Up Interactive Stations – From photo booths to cigar bars, adding mini parties around the room will create a more memorable experience. Use specialty food and drinks that go along with your event theming. Use stations where guests are encouraged to interact with each other via gaming and keepsake creations that they make on the spot. The more opportunities to create memorable experiences where guest are up and about instead of forced to stare at the not-so-hot wallpaper, the better.

Use Drapery – Maybe you booked a space for 300 guests but only 125 are coming, or the hall’s small room wasn’t available on your date. Strategically placed curtains or screens can make a wide-open area seem cozy. It’s also an easy way to work your colors in: Get fabric that matches your scheme and hang it over dividers.

Change the Vertical Space  – Create new area by changing elevations in the floor. Use special dance floor platforms with lighting. Put down a thick cozy rug with seating to create a lounge. However you modified the elevation of the floor be sure that is well lit and easy to navigate. Along with floor planning, you can modify the ceiling too. Hang chandeliers to add formality to a space or bring in paper lanterns to tone down the stuffiness. If high ceilings are proving to be more cavernous than dramatic, try draping fabric from the ceiling to make the space more intimate. But you’ll need to check with the venue manager first because many places, especially historic ones, forbid attaching items to the walls or ceilings.

Don’t Forget the Entry Way – What is the first thing guests are going to see? How does it prepare them for the rest of the experience? Dress your entry with floral, lighting and elements of the themes. Many times people will use this area for a quick photo opportunity upon arrival and departure. Is the area camera ready?  Consider using backdrop with lighting to create a memorable experience.  Wedding backdrop rentals are affordable way to bring out your theme and hide venue flaws.