How to Effectively and Creatively Light Your Backdrop

How to Effectively and Creatively Light Your Backdrop

Nov 4, 2015

How to Effectively and Creatively Light Your Backdrop

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Red Carpet Cityscape with color chase lighting.

It is thrilling to see a backdrop come to life while it’s being painted in front of your eyes on the frame.  You can’t imagine how it could be more wonderful until you wash it over with the perfect lighting, at just the right angle, and hued with a touch of color.  Owning the skill to light a backdrop is extremely valuable, whether it’s on stage or setting the scene at an event. Knowing how important lighting can be on a backdrop I wanted to share tips from an expert, Toby Russell, owner of San Diego based Event Avision.

In June, at the Biz Bash LA tradeshow, Grosh partnered with Toby and  Event Avision.  They assisted Grosh in lighting our backdrops and drapery, which hung on the mainstage, at the VIP luncheon and at our very own Grosh booth.  Based on Toby’s experience with lighting, I asked him to share some of his top tips.

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Oyster chiffon drape with projection.

  • Up-Lighting (instead of straight on): A technique that fixes the light in a narrow and streamline focus from the bottom  up and is considered to create the most balanced effect
  • Leko and Color Chase: Leko is a specific type of lighting that washes over the entire drop and is the simplest way to light. Leko with Color Chase changes color and color patterns giving you a variety of looks.
  • Spend the Time: Carefully place and decisively plan the focus of your lights. Avoid light traveling off the backdrop while observing each angle of the light.
  • Battery Power: In order to ensure lights last throughout your production, use battery powered lights. Lights should last 6-8 hrs. depending on color.
  • Organization: Always create a flawless look by wrapping up the cables, wires, and properly storing your cases
  • Passion and Creativity: Keeping everything else in mind, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  It is the element that will set your backdrop apart from everyone else’s.

Forest backdrop layered with forest with cut openings and backlit.