How to Be a Holiday Party Hero

How to Be a Holiday Party Hero

Oct 16, 2013

The #1 reason why holidays are stressful is there seems to be too much to do in a short period of time.  The biggest chunk of time goes to shopping and events.  It is easy to cut down on shopping time by shopping online but what can be done about all those holiday events?  Whether you are the event planner or know who is responsible for planning holiday events; add these two words to your vocabulary:  Holiday Extender.
A Holiday Extender is holiday hero. They don’t work within the confines of time between Thanksgiving and New Years.  They give the gift of time by extending the holiday season past New Years Day cutting down on busy holiday weekends and nights. They let you cherish the holiday spirit for just a little bit longer.   Why encourage holiday extensions?  More time to plan holiday events, less competition and the ability to take advantage of holiday decorations sales. Still not convinced? Here are four event ideas you can only do after the New Years.
1.    The Art of Re-Gifting – Who needs a casino styled event when you can gamble on the re-gift. Save your party guests time in return lines and host an event where everyone brings a gift or two for a round of white elephant swapping or host a “Let’s Make a Deal” styled game where they can trade what they have for prizes.

2.    Gratitude Wrapping Station – As people are reflecting on their holiday experiences with family and friends, help them start a new tradition. Host a gratitude wrapping station where guests are encouraged to write down what they were thankful for this holiday season and then place in a box to wrap. This present will be the first thing under the tree for next year. Encourage guests to set a day to unwrap to remind them of what they are thankful for to kick off their next holiday season.

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3.    Charitable House Cleaning – A new year often means out with the old and in with the new. Host an event with donation stations where guests can bring items from the home and clothing that local charities and shelters have requested. Note: For many charities the first quarter of the year is the hardest when holiday giving significantly drops off in January.

4.    What Would Santa Do? – Create an entirely new holiday theme party around what you think Santa, the elves and other holiday characters do after Christmas.  Do you imagine Santa goes on vacation to Hawaii? Then host Hawaiian party where Santa attends in his best Jimmy Buffet Hawaiian shirt. Make sure to have photo booth with caption “I partied with Santa on vacation.” Or what would it be like to visit the Santa’s workshop after Christmas? Use toys commonly found in Santa’s workshop to create fun team building game like rocking horse and toy building races.

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