The Grosh and Tru-Roll Partnership

The Grosh and Tru-Roll Partnership

Mar 3, 2016


In anticipation of the USITT conference and tradeshow coming up March 16th to the 19th, we wanted to feature our partner company, Tru-Roll. They specialize in theatrical rigging and hardware. They will be in booth #1827 with the Grosh backdrop hanging right next door on wall #5.  Below is a brief history of the many services they provide to the many businesses involved in our distinct industry.

Tru-Roll was created and run by Jack Grosh in 1947 to fill clients’ needs for tracks and rigging services.  Jack was so meticulous on how each system was made and adapted that Tru-Roll came to be known as “the Cadillac” of theatrical rigging in entertainment technology.  Being the best in the business, they expanded and in 1993 Tru-Roll opened up separate offices and is now a division of Advanced Entertainment Technology.  They have broadened the number of services they offer, but still specialize in designing and manufacturing standard and customized theatrical rigging systems for drapery.  Many of their clients include schools, universities, theatres, theme parks, casinos, event producers, film, and churches. They’ve worked with such names as Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, UCLA, and USC, to name a few.

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