2016 Cultural Moments That Will Set the Trend for Your Events

2016 Cultural Moments That Will Set the Trend for Your Events

Apr 6, 2016

Superheroes ES8057

Superheroes ES8057

2016 is shaping up to be a groundbreaking year for the event industry due to the fantastic cultural and educational moments happening around the globe.  These moments are occurring in movies, theatre and music, sports, and the political stage.  We are highlighting a few of the most significant trends from some of the leading event planners in the country.


Queen of Hearts ES8056

According to Sarah Miller with Caplan Miller Events, “Movies have historically made a big impact on event themes.  We’ve all planned and attended our fair share of The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, and Alice in Wonderland parties.”  This year is no different, with the release of several big superhero movies there will likely be a slew of action-packed birthdays and bar mitzvahs.  Miller is also anticipating many 80’s and sci-fi themed parties due to the popular remake of Ghostbusters.  What backdrop company you gonna call?  Grosh Backdrops!

The next anticipated trend is happening in theatre, more specifically on Broadway. The cultural phenomenon that is Hamilton the Musical is inspiring many designers to go the patriotic and hip hop route.  “I don’t remember a time when Broadway was the obsession on so many people’s lips in the way that this production is,” said event designer David Stark.  The music, colors, and sets are giving way to a new style of design.


Rio de Janeiro S3397

This next trend reaches all the way to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where The Summer Olympics will take place.  Sports and its culture are no stranger to event design, “South America is always a great starting point for an event theme, and with Rio’s colorful heritage and their world-famous Mardi Gras celebration, I have a feeling that this will translate into many themed parties all over the world,” said Brian Worley of the event production company, YourBash.  “Rio is such a culturally exciting city with lots of elements you can play off of for events.”  In addition to Rio, Cuba will also spice up 2016 with lots of Havana Nights parties.  “As U.S. and Cuban relations continue to grow and more people are traveling between the two countries, many will get inspired from the visually stunning and exciting culture that Cuba has to share.


Silver Metallic Curtain D1980

In conjunction with the bright colors associated with worldwide cultural events, film, and theatre productions in 2016, there are a few specific popular color themes that are expected.  David Stark predicts that frosty grays and cement, winter whites, dusty roses, olive greens, deep purples, and metallic will be trending in event décor for the season.  From a décor standpoint, Stark predicts a hybrid of two styles-natural and industrial.  Think weathered meets smooth, bohemian meets organized, Coachella meets business tech.

All in all, it seems that 2016 is going to be a groundbreaking year for the event planning world.  We can’t wait to see your ideas and designs and would love to be a part of your next event.  Make sure to visit our website to check out new backdrops being posted every day so you can stay ahead on innovative event trends!

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