Grosh Hits the Road

Grosh Hits the Road

Oct 6, 2015

Wonder what’s up with Grosh? Well, we are hitting the road for the United Dance Merchants of America (UDMA) tradeshows and we couldn’t be more excited. Our friends at Revolution Dancewear, the leading provider of quality dancewear and costumes, are joining us on this road trip and it’s going to be an adventure.

Revolution Dancewear will feature our latest backdrops and drapery with their costumes in their dream theme displays. They have matched our backdrops and drapery with their costumes to create three individual and spectacular themes. First theme, Around the World featuring our Paris at Night (S3497) backdrop, next Outer Space showcasing our Silver Metallic Drapery (D1980), and last but certainly not least, a Princess theme with our Fairytale Castle (S3504) backdrop. We are positive that Cinderella would love to call this home!

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