A Paint Day at Grosh!

A Paint Day at Grosh!

Sep 5, 2014

You would figure that every day is a paint day at Grosh, but not for Backdrop Consultants. Today they got out of the office and into the studio! This was uncharted territory for them and probably for most. Not many people can say they helped paint a 22’ H x 50’ W backdrop! The Grosh scenic artists definitely looked worried. However, Greg, their fearless leader, and Scenic Creative Director, had full confidence…and the option to primer and paint over any mistakes.

Full painter's body suites!

Full painter’s body suites!

First we had to gear up! Adorning ourselves in old clothes, shoe covers and even a couple of full painter’s body suites, Greg gave us a tutorial on the ins and outs of the Grosh Hollywood Studio. There are six high ceiling frames that allow the backdrops to be lowered by a counterweight down two flights through openings in the floor. He went over a few safety caveats, like not falling through the openings, then showed us the tools of their trade. To begin with, the backdrop design is divided up into a grid and each section is drawn out on large sheets of paper. An electro pounce machine, which uses electricity, burns minute holes into the paper, creating a stencil. The stencil is then held up against the canvas and used to make an outline of the design.

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