Develop Partnerships in 2014 to find big Savings!

Develop Partnerships in 2014 to find big Savings!

Jan 15, 2014

Carpe Annum! Seize the year by taking these steps now to ensure big fiscal payoffs without sacrificing creativity, however big or small your productions will be.

By partnering early-on with a small business you could find ways for big savings throughout the year. Even though you may not have a detailed outline of everything you will need or produce in 2014, taking these “prep steps” for working closely with a company will significantly impact your budget and overall success of any show.

  • Calendaring and Clustering: A good old time rap session around a calendar is the best place to start! Circle the prospective show dates and make short lists of the main things that will be needed/wanted. (Example: If you plan to do The Nutcracker in winter, you may want to list candyland backdrop, large nutcracker prop, Sugar Plum Fairy and nutcracker costume, venue, etc.)
  • Print out a vendor list and connect with those you do business with the most.
  • Compile a new list of small local businesses you have not utilized in the past that would supply the performance material you need.

Many companies offer loyalty programs and are more willing to provide discounts or charitable donations if they have a strong relationship with an existing client. Many businesses plan and budget for what charitable donations they can make for the year so ask early and you may receive. (Example: Grosh is a small business that offers loyalty and multi-item discounts).

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