Backdrops – Paint vs. Print?

Backdrops – Paint vs. Print?

May 20, 2013

The history and usage of backdrops goes back as far as the history of theatrical and staged performances. In some way, scenery has always been a supporting role to the actors or provides cohesiveness to an event. Although theatrics have changed considerably over the years there is still a need for backdrops and other scenery. In the realm of backdrops or backings as they’re called by industry pros, there are two primary ways that they can be created- Hand Painted and Printed.

The first is by hand painting the backdrops preferably on a counterweight frame or using a large floor space. Keep in mind, most stage prosceniums can be upwards of 20-30 feet tall and 50 or more feet wide. Below are some unique benefits you can take advantage of when renting or purchasing a hand painted backdrop:

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